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Total Protection

Total Protection ls protection from external hazards such as cut, impact, abrasion, fluid, dirt and dust.
Environmental protection from cold and heat. The last element of Total Protection isfrom ergonomic injuries also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). This has been the missing part of total hand protection.

Impact of MSDs in the Workplace

• Work related MSDs are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time
• 2013 MSD cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases.
• The most common injuries in 2012, was sprains, strains and tears. This includes injuries to the wrist and hand ligament.
• Approximately 8,000 of these injuries required job transfer or restriction in 2012.
• Healing time for these cases was on average 14 lost working days.
(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS))

EPP offers the best protection for the job at hand. Each EPP glove is designed to give the highest level of performnce. Every glove goes through a thorough quality check at multiple stages of the manufacturing processes. All gloves are tested for compliance to ANSI 105-2016 standard for cut resistance and mechanical risks.


Our gloves are design with musculoskeletal disorders in mind. To tackle MSDs, our Ergonomic Set Shape (ESS) technology pre curves the glove to mimic the natural shape of your hand at rest. ESS technology also reduces the tension of the glove on the hand at rest and work reducing repetitive motion MSDs to the hands. This shape gives exceptional comfort, dexterity and promotes workability.

EPP palm technology helps multiply the grip strength in dry, wet and oil condition allowing less force to be use. This decreasing the strain on the hands, arms and shoulders reducing MSD. There is no better grip.

We work hard to reduce the thickness of our gloves. This takes away bulk and helps increase grip strength, comfort and reduce hand strain. Our cut resistant gloves are made from advance composited yarns that offers superior cut resistant at thinner gages without glass fibers.